Oppose the American Health Care Act

As a cancer survivor, father, and son, I am appalled by Speaker Ryan’s blatant disregard for my neighbors who will be hurt by the American Health Care Act.

For the last 6 months, Speaker Ryan and his Republican colleagues in the Senate have written a bill behind closed doors, talking to lobbyists and worrying about tax cuts for the rich instead of making our health care system better.

This isn’t health care for working families. It’s a disastrous giveaway to the rich, and it will make America weaker.

Denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions and slashing funding that helps seniors and children is not a plan, it’s an attack.

My mom Nancy has multiple sclerosis, and she takes more than 20 medications each month. What is her future knowing that insurance companies will be able to deny access to basic coverage to individuals facing life-threatening conditions?

I don’t need a poll to know that my friends and neighbors don’t trust Speaker Ryan on health care. And folks like you and me are not at the table.

Let’s show Congress we have a voice. Stand with me in demanding Speaker Ryan and his colleagues give us a seat at the table, so we can have a conversation out in the open and put the priorities of hardworking Americans first.

In Solidarity,
Randy Bryce